By Fernando Ballesteros

For the second consecutive year, Jalisco could host the Caribbean Series 2019.

Sources worthy of any credit informed Puro Beisbol that the President of the LMP, Omar Canizales, held a meeting on Friday by telephone with the eight teams of the League to see which city can urgently step up and be the host to save the Caribbean classic 2019 that was scheduled for Barquisimeto, Venezuela.

“The only cities available are Jalisco and Obregón City,” said one of the owners of equipment for this portal, with the condition of not mentioning his name. “The Charros Club affirmed that they can organize it if there is all the support of the Federal Government.”

The proposal of Jalisco has been well seen in the LMP, but this Saturday they have been talking with the authorities to see the economic support and guarantee the celebration of the event.

The former world athletics championship, Ana Guevera – Director of the National Sports Commission -, has been the link between the LMP and the Government of the Republic.

The Confederation of the Caribbean has extended the deadline until Monday to make the official announcement. Everything indicates that it will be in Jalisco with the support of the Federal Government, “said another of the sources to Puro Beisbol, he was on the conference call they had with Canizales.

Jalisco hosted the Caribbean Series 2018, when the Criollos de Caguas obtained back to back championship wins for Puerto Rico.

The Charros Stadium had already been one of the sub-sites of the 2017 World Classic and now there is the possibility that the Guadalajara team will win the LMP championship and defend the crown in their own home.

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