English septiembre 25, 2019

By Makelly Bella

Each player who test positive is fined $5,000 dollars and both him and his organization are prohibited from making it public.

One of the most recent secrets of the Mexican Baseball League is discovered, unlike before when the players who tested positive in doping were suspended, today they’re simply fined and both sides are prohibited from making the information public.

A player from the organization of Diablos Rojos of Mexico was notified on September 16 of this year, we will omit his name, was notified that he must pay $5,000 dollars for having tested positive during a urine test, information revealed by Blanca Cisneros, journalist.

In previous years, all those players who tested positive were suspended for 50 games if it was their first time, 100 if they relapse, and for the third time they were suspended for life.

Currently, 5,000 dollars are equivalent to $100,000 in Mexican money.

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