English marzo 19, 2019

From the country of Yakyu

By Ryu Ishibashi
TOKYO.- The wizard has came to his home country. Ichiro Suzuki, who is a superstar of MLB, and probably future hall-of-famer, will play the opening games at Tokyo Japan.
It was last May when he quitted playing for the rest of the season. The wizard was not a vampire. Since then he had a season away from area 51.
When the long 2018 have ended and 2019 have begun, the MLB opening game in Tokyo became close. The teams were Seattle Mariners and Oakland Athletics, which we could not imagine that you know who won’t come.
However, the batting he marked in the preseason games were horrible as that of a two-time batting leader. He is 45 years old and all the active players in NPB and MLB are younger than him except Bartolo Colon. He couldn’t have a hit through his 6 plate appearance in the games between Yomiuri Giants.
The opening game can be his final game. However, it is the same for each and every player. Nobody could prove someone would play for the next game until he appears. Japanese fan expect the latest hit, no matter it would be his last or not.

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