The Players Who Might Go to Mexico This Winter


By Ryu Ishibashi

TOKYO, Japan.- Surprisingly, it has been 3 months after Tomo Otosaka came back to Japan. Although he marked a fantastic result in Mexico, his result back in Japan seems to be someone else.

By the way, Mr. Watari Sumida, who used be a staff in Chunichi Dragons and Orix Buffaloes, visited Obregon to see the president of Yaquis on March. According to the official twitter of Yaquis, the team will have more Japanese players this winter. Therefore, I will list up some players who should better go to Mexico this year.

First, Taiki Sekine, who is a 23 y/o outfielder born in Aichi prefecture. Though he had many opportunity since his rookie year, he could not get a regular position. Nevertheless, when he entered the team, he was said that he could be like Ichiro, who is also from Aichi prefecture. If he could show a result which is just like Otosaka, it will prove that he can be more special.

Next, Takamasa Kasai, who started his career as a trainee, started his first season on the official roster at the minors. However, to be a good reliever, it will be necessary to pitch against batters better than those in the minors of Japanese baseball. If he would go to Mexico this winter, it will be good for himself to be a teammate of Alberto Leyva, and also for Alberto to be a teammate of Kasai, because their pitching styles are close.

Finally, Tomo Otosaka, again. Mexican people already know that he is a good player, maybe more than Japanese people do. However, what he have shown back in Japan is not that good. If he cannot play like he did in Mexico, he should have one more try.

As far as I know, Watari Sumida is not a staff of Baystars this year. However, he is an expert of Mexican baseball in Japan. When LMP team will announce that Japanese player comes to Mexico, Feel free to ask me about him.

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