Mexican Hector Velazquez talks about his debut this Thursday in Major Leagues against Athletics

By Javier Sedano / @bambino_sedano

Excited in a room in a Pennsylvania state hotel, after the second in the series between Pawtucket and Scranton in the International League, Mexican Héctor Velázquez assimilated the news that the manager Kevin Boles had given him just a few hours ago, that Thursday he will debut in Major Leagues.

"I'm happy, smiling from ear to ear, excited by this moment, I've waited for this moment since my childhood when I started playing baseball, being in the majors."

"I came in early, they called me to work extra early, the manager took me to his office and told me I was going to pitch Thursday, but in Oakland," the 28-year-old pitcher was told via telephone.

"When I told my wife I couldn't even talk, it made her want to vomit. My parents were a lot more excited than I was."


Velázquez is an atypical case for Mexican baseball, since he had never been to the best baseball clubs in the world, that is, he did not fill the eyes of the scouts, until an incredible season of LMP with Mayos, where he won the award 'Pitcher of the Year', was MVP of the Final Series with Águilas and was a star in Caribbean Series.

"It's the first time I've traveled to the United States, I'm grateful to Boston, I've been asking for this for a long time, the moment the opportunity came, I decided to work double and stay motivated, because I was close to standing where I wanted to be I thank God the moment arrived."

The negotiation wasn't easy, since there was a moment when the Yankees were interested, nevertheless the deal got closed by paying 30 thousand dollars to the Pirates of Campeche.


The aging Oakland Coliseum of California, will be the terrain that will mark his debut in the Major Leagues, a dream he had since childhood, is about to become a reality thanks to his perseverance and commitment. Athletics of Oakland are the rival, who have as main figure Khris Davis, who has a Mexican mother.

"I will enjoy the game, I will try to control what I can control. I have seen him throw sometimes, he has a very good curve," he said about his rival.

In this new adventure away from the Mexican fields, he confesses that his experience has been very pleasant and that he is learning English slowly.


Currently Héctor looks like a solid and talented pitcher, however at some point in his career things got complicated, since he was center fielder and didn't see an opportunity to make a debut, however Maximino Leon and Marco Vázquez approached him and gave him an alternative.

"Maximino León, along with Marco Vázquez gave me the idea of becoming a pitcher. I wasn't so lost because I had always pitched in children's leagues," he recalled.

That young man who a year ago didn't exist in the orbit of the best baseball in the world, this Thursday will make his debut in a Major League diamond.

Translation: Makely B. Celestino

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