By Ryu Ishibashi

TOKYO, Japan.- The news that Jason Urquidez will come to Japan arrived from Mexico. It is a big surprise for Japanese baseball fans because Urquidez have never played in MLB and he is already 35 years old. However, the news is not so famous in Japan.

It is because Hanshin Tigers, which is one of the most famous baseball teams in our country is said that they will get Efren Navarro.

Navarro was born in California, and started his professional career after he graduated UNLV. Although most of his career was in the minors, he sometimes played in the MLB. In addition, he is a Chicano and took part in the team Mexico for the WBC 2013 and 2017. On 2016, he came to Tokyo for the exhibition match between team Japan and hit from good pitchers in Japan.

After the exhibition match, Ramiro Pena who was the shortstop then came to Hiroshima Toyo Carp, which wanted a infielder. However, it took another year for Efren Navarro to be said to come to Japan. Tigers, which is said to get Navarro, already have a Dominican slugger Wilin Rosario. However, his batting has not been good since the season has begun. Therefore, the team wanted another foreign slugger.

However, those who is already familiar with him would know that he is not a slugger and his strength is average. It is right, and the positions he could do already have rivals. It will be difficult for him to commit as Tigers fans expect him to do.

Actually, the news has not been officially announced yet. However, he is in the Temporary Inactive list. It means that he is agreeing the contract. If the news would come true, Mexican fans should check him up.

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